I am your Mindful friend in Barcelona and I want to teach you about how being Mindful can make you live a happier life!

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"Mindfulness isn't difficult we just need to remember to do it." 


- Sharon Saltzberg- 


Meet Monika

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Nice to meet you! I am Monika Varela and I am from El Salvador and I have lived in more than 5 cities in my life. I have been based in Barcelona for the last 15 years and currently, work as a Mindfulness coach and language trainer in the city. Mindfulness meditation has helped me understand myself at a very deep level. I believe in a world of meaningful relationships and empathetic conversations so I have made it my mission to teach Mindfulness to as many people as possible so they can be happier and healthier. 

I studied Psychology and trained to be an English teacher and now have 15+ years of experience training and coaching business people and university students. My Mindful English approach is based on Mindfulness / NLP (NeuroLanguage Programming) / Coaching / and my Psychology studies. It is impossible to learn a language without creating a "relaxed brain-friendly environment," and that is exactly what I do in my sessions. 

I am passionate about personal development and am now also offering One-to-One Mindfulness sessions to people who would like to learn to meditate but don't know where to start. If you feel you are stressed out and need to create changes in your life, contact me and let's work together on starting a Mindfulness practice. 

Change your life with a Mindfulness practice
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Learn to meditate and live
with less stress. One-to-one and group sessions. 
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English Communication Skills

Speak English with no stress! Improve your presentation skills!

"Be happy in the moment, that’s enough. Each moment is all we need, not more."

-Mother Theresa-



Quieting the mind is necessary in order to be more focused and less stressed. So, practice a bit of Mindfulness with these 5 minute guided meditations. They will help you before class, a difficult day, or an important presentation.

- 5 Minute Breathing Meditation in English-

-Meditación de 5 minutos a la atención a la respiración-

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''Monika is one of the best English teachers that I've got. In my humble opinion, Monika is a brilliant teacher because she had the skills for making English attractive for me. She changed bored and empty conversations for practicing English grammar in super interesting conversations about multiple subjects. Such interesting content generates enthusiasm from my side and I think this is vital when you want to learn something. Summarizing I want to recommend Monika as if you want to learn, or just, improve your English skills. Her nice smile and positive energy are difficult to find in current days.''

Oriol Rius -  Nexiona - Fundador