Mindful Coaching

Would you like to learn about meditation and how to start to meditate?

Do you feel disconnected and don't know how to start meditating? 

Do you want to explore mindfulness without going to group sessions?

Our sessions can be Face-2-Face or online via Zoom/ Skype!

Mindful Coaching Sessions
offer personalized mindfulness sessions for people who want to explore mindfulness and prefer one to one sessions rather than group sessions. With mindfulness you can learn to train your mind and:


✔  Learn to be in the present moment

✔  Live with less anxiety

✔  Change your mindset to get your work done

✔  Improve your relationships

✔  Create your own toolbox to deal with stress and anxiety

My mindful coaching sessions are for people who need training and support in

✔  Achieving personal goals

✔  Reflecting on their meditation practice

✔  Changing old habits

✔  Creating new goals and receiving support in achieving them

✔  Being motivated throughout your personal journey - a "personal mind trainer" who can be there for you. 

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“Mindfulness is not about becoming a different person, new person, or a better person. It is about training in awareness and understanding of how and why you think and feel the way you do and getting a healthy sense of perspective in the process. It just so happens that when you do, any changes you want to make in life become that much more feasible.”


-Jon Kabat-Zinn-