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Short Mindfulness Practice

Actualizado: 25 abr 2020

Hi, today I want to write about a short Mindfulness practice that you can practice at any time of the day, as many times a day as possible, whenever you want.

In fact, you can even do it right now, while reading this article!

The practice consists of taking one minute for yourself and noticing what your body sensations are. That is all you have to do! What are the benefits of this? Well, the more you practice stopping and noticing what is going on in your body and emotions, the more mindful you will be throughout the day. We spend too much time in our heads, thinking, ruminating about the past and future. We rarely stop and connect with our own bodies. If we want to live a life with more connection with ourselves, be more alert (in a positive way) then we have to start training this connection with our own bodies. The more we pay attention to our sensations, the easier it will be to name them and identify how we are feeling throughout the day.

Let’s practice together! Read these instructions and follow them after having read them:

· Stop looking at this screen.

· Close your eyes for a couple of breaths.

· Notice your body sensations, perhaps starting by feeling your feet, the weight of your body, the sensations in your tummy, your chest. Do this while breathing in and out.

What did you notice?

Your task for the week: practice this short exercise at least three time a day. You can set your alarm at random times, or make it a ritual to do it at different moments: before eating a meal (it doesn’t matter if people look at you), before brushing your teeth, before writing an email, you choose!

Let me know what you felt! Was this easy or hard?

Share your experience with me!

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